Battery Cuda 400 1000Wh 23.6Ah Li-ion DiveX


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Li-Ion battery for the Dive Xtras Cuda 400 underwater scooter

Cuda 400


Cell Capacity Energy Max continuous discharge current Weight Dimension
High Energy Samsung 35E 44V 23.6Ah 1000Whrs ~30A ~6.7kg 224 x 175 mm

Batteries available in two variants:
1) [Service] Service include replacing the batteries from ni-mh to li-ion chemistry. We install and configure inside old enclosure new batteries with management system which manage charging/discharging and balancing the cells. Cells are mounted on customized cellholder to provide ventilation. We balance/trim to the original weight since li-ion batteries are lighter than nimh
Customer sending old enclosure/housing to our facility and we work on the old enclosure.

2) [New battery] You order new battery in new enclosure/housing.

Delivery time up to 15 business days

Note: the cell manufacturers specs are higher than our recommendations above. It will not harm the battery to occasionally discharge at higher levels than our recommendations, but regular, sustained high discharge rates will degrade the battery more quickly and the battery voltage will sag at these high power levels. The Battery BMS is programmed to trip if cell temperatures reach 60degC during discharge and 45degC during charging.
The above capacitance values are for new batteries – stored and used at room temperature, charged with electricity, in the order of 0.5C. Low temperatures as well as high discharge values can significantly affect the battery capacity. Please note that the capacity will degrade over time and use.


  • We recommend 4A charger (without fan) for capacity <29Ah or 5A (with fan) for capacity >30Ah compatible with UL and CE
  • The battery uses a custom cellholder designed and manufactured by us, which ensures safety and reliability of the construction
  • The battery life cycle is estimated for 500-700 cycles (1C discharging to 2.8volt, 0.5C do 4.2volt charging). The life cycle can be extended by charging the battery to 90% and limiting the discharge to 90%
  • We use only new and original A grade cell for battery construction
  • We build all our batteries from scratch in our factory, using non-standard parts that we design and manufacture. We do not buy batteries from brokers who sell them at the lowest prices to attract buyers. We do not risk when it comes to our batteries and your safety!
    We give 1 year warranty for each battery. Our batteries are designed to be easily repaired if needed. We will repair all emerging problems and most importantly – everything takes place in our factory – in Poland! You do not have to worry about returning parts to CHIN as it does for other companies. The fact that we offer low prices does not mean that we do not stand behind our products if problems arise. We document the entire sales history, after-sales services and repairs / warranty replacement. More information is available on the website “About us”
  • There is possibility to build battery from other cells than those proposed according to the customer’s wishes – please contact us