About us

Since 2017, CellPower has been designing and building battery packs (most of the components we create ourselves on our own technologically advanced machines). We build our own batteries because we want everything to be done professionally. We place the greatest emphasis on making our products safe and innovative. CellPower batteries are always thoroughly tested both in terms of their capacity and discharging current, which ensures a long and reliable life cycle. We build all our packages from scratch in our factory, using non-standard parts that we design and manufacture. We do not buy batteries from resellers who sell them at the lowest prices to attract buyers. We do not risk when it comes to our batteries and your safety!

As the only one in Europe, we design and manufacture non-standard battery protections at the level of individual cells, while minimizing voltage drop, which causes CellPower products to be at the top of the safest Ebike batteries on the market!

We offer 1 year warranty for each battery (there is a possibility to extend the warranty). Our batteries are designed to be easily repaired if needed. We will repair all emerging problems and most importantly – everything takes place in our factory – in Poland! You do not have to worry about returning parts to CHINA as is the case with other companies. The fact that we offer low prices does not mean that we do not stand behind our products if problems arise. We document the entire sales history, after-sales services and repairs / warranty replacement.

We build our reputation through satisfied customers.

The facility and outgoing warehouse are located in Koszalin/POLAND.