Charger 41V 4A ( 46.2V, 11S Li-ion, Li-po) profile 50/90/100%


Li-ion battery charger with Smart function and charging profiles

Compact, Quiet, Brimming with Power
Incredible 300W useable power comes with load-dependent cooling fan, with no hissing sound from the spinning blades. Best fit for battery powered e-vehicle or other specialist equipment, in the calm of living rooms, boats or caravans. The ideal travelmate: small, lightweight, brimming with power with IP20.

Customized Charge Parameters
Charger specifically designed to extend the life cycle of a lithium-ion battery that has a micro-switch to switch between three (50% – 90% – 100%) profiles
partial charging (read more about Partial Charging here)

  • 50% – storage profile
  • 90% – long life-span profile
  • 100% – full charge profile

Sturdy Metal Enclosure
Battery charger comes with AL-alloy extruded side rails and powder painted sections of pressed sheet metal and detachable wall-mount brackets.

Battery Temperature Monitoring
Battery temperature changes are compensated for by automatic charge voltage adjustment – the prerequisite for maintaining a long battery life.

Conditional Re-start of a Charge Cycle
Charger switches off at state of “Battery-Full”. It would start fresh the charge cycle at certain pre-set days or voltage level.

Voltage[V] / Current[A] Nominal 40.7V (max 46.2V) / 4A
Max. power 300W
Operating Temp. -20°C to +40°C
Mains-In AC 100-240VAC/50-60Hz
DC-Out 1.2m Charge cord, stripped wire-ends (standard); available connector: DC 5.5/2.1 / XLR 3pin / C13 / PP15-45-75 Anderson / XT 30/60/90
Other Features Battery temperature sensor; Detachable wall bracket
WxDxH / Weight 110x180x42mm / ~1250g
Agency Approvals CE